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The Villanova Equity Society

The Villanova Equity Society (VES) is a student club organized under the auspices of the Institute for Research in Advanced Financial Technology (IRAFT).  The purpose of the club is to provide real-world experience by actively managing portfolio’s of equity securities.  Through the club, students will gain a better understanding of equity investing and the capital markets.  In the fall 2007 semester a total of 304 students participated in the society to some extent, with 87 students able to claim full membership in the society.

The Villanova Equity Society currently controls two distinct student managed funds, the Whipkey Large-Cap Fund and the Haley Group Mid-Cap Fund.  Both funds are domestic, long-only equity funds and both invest only in socially responsible investments.

Both funds use primarily bottom-up fundamental analysis across all sectors, combined with social responsibility screening to select securities for inclusion in the fund.  Technical indicators are also taken into account.  Each portfolio is then quantitatively optimized as per modern portfolio theory.  All final investment decisions are subject to approval by the Villanova’s Student Managed Fund’s cross-fund investment committee.


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Disclaimer: All information contained in this website is the opinion and analysis of Villanova University Students seeking academic credit.  The information is not the work of professionals and should in no way be used to make financial decisions or investments.  Villanova University and its students are not legally responsible for any use of this information outside of the student managed funds class at Villanova University.